We provide liquid Medical Nitrous Oxide containers (Portable Cryogenic Containers) in a range of sizes as well as high-pressure gas cylinders of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) for use in small, medium, and large hospitals. 

For medical oxygen we offer cylinders in the following sizes: 

Nitrous oxide N2O   Production    Impurities 

Technical Specification: 

  • Cylinder pressure full (bar): 137 – 137 – 137 
  • Nitrous oxide N2O Cylinders: 5L water capacity – 10L water capacity – 47L water capacity 
  • Valve Operation: Pin index – Wheel type – Wheel type 
  • Gas capacity in CUM: 0.8496 – 1.699 – 6.796 


Uses Oxygen Cylinders 

  • Provides a foundation for most anaesthesia techniques, including pre- and post-operative care.
  • To Restores normal tissue oxygen tension by improving available oxygen under a variety of conditions

such as: 

  • In the resuscitation of the critically.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • In neo-natal resuscitation.

Medical Oxygen (O2) 

Oxygen is essential to life and is widely used in medical settings to aid in patient care, resuscitation and healing, and prevention of hypoxemia and hypoxia. Several other medical conditions require the use of medical oxygen to sustain life, including heart and respiratory failure, hemorrhage, shock and trauma, carbon monoxide poisoning, and cyanosis. 

Medical oxygen is furnished in liquefied and gaseous shape. When furnished in liquefied shape it’s miles administered via way of means of vaporizing the liquid to a fueloline at ambient temperature and introduced for inhalation thru lungs. 

Patients with low oxygen levels and those on artificial ventilation receive life support gas. as a component of the fresh gas supply in intensive care or anaesthesia used in clinical practise to serve as a foundation for pre- and post-operative treatment and the majority of contemporary aesthetic methods. 

Specifications – Standards European Pharmacopeia 1999 – Pakistan Oxygen 

  • Standard Oxygen purity – 99.5% (min) – 99.5% (min) 
  • Moisture – < 67 vpm – < 50 vpm 
  • Carbon dioxide – < 300 vpm – < 300 vpm 
  • Carbon monoxide – < 5 vpm – < 5 vpm 
  • None – None – None 




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47L Oxygen Cylinder

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