APPLEDENTAL Direct Imaging & High Efficiency


Profound Reliability:
The entire imaging process moves straight from data gathering to instantaneous image display and interpretation. The use of any X-ray film is NOT necessary.
To ensure product endurance, the sensor shell is purposefully made to withstand shocks, bites, and drops. It can read licence plates and is completely waterproof. For improved hygiene and safety protection, submerged in disinfectant solutions. The protective sheaths shield the plates from heat and abrasion while lowering the possibility of cross-contamination.

Photon Counting Detector Technology:

Our sensor detector is tally digital, without a need for film processing. Moreover, our photon-counting detector is manufactured photon counting detector technology is applied in itra-oral imaging for the first time, converting X-rays into digital signals directly; and with a standard microelectronics fabrication process, thus enjoying a sizeable cost advantage. Yielding high dynamic range, high contrast-resolution images at a comparatively lower dosage.

Extraordinary Usability:

The computer allows for real-time imaging and provides lightning-fast data transmission. The sensor’s user-friendly design, which is also compatible with the imaging technologies currently on the market and helps to streamline workflow, allows it to be used with both film and digital radiograms.

Excellent image quality:

Perfect user experience, multi-terminal supporting software
Direct imaging technology, easy to get high-resolution imaging.

Powerful Post-Processing Software:

Unparalleled clarity for both the teeth and fine details is produced by a combination of high contrast resolution and wide dynamic range. The contrast and sharpness of the image are improved with more intricate details of the soft tides thanks to a variety of image post-processing methods.






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