Biner LC contains hydroxy calcium phosphate. Biner LC is a light cure, fluoride releasing, radiopaque cavity liner and base material specially formulated for use with adhesives and composites and with conventional restorative materials. It chemically bonds to adhesive primers, composites and other resin based material, and it micromechanically bonds to dentin.


-Outstanding biocompatibility with dentine and pulp
-Insoluble in water and oral fluids
-Chemical bonding to adhesives and composites
-Light-curing type cavity liner, extremely hard-curing
-Heat barrier
-Flow-on-demand operation and easy dispensing


–> Protection when applying the total etch technique
–> Protect pulp of the tooth
–> Lining under all filling materials


–> Barium aluminum silicate
–> Hydroxy calcium phosphate, UDMA, Photoinitator


Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites
Light curing type cavity liner, cure extremely hard
Excellent biocompatibility with dentin and pulp
Contains calcium hydroxy phosphate
Releases calcium, hydroxyl, phosphate and fluoride ions.
Insoluble in water and oral fluids
Fluoride releasing
Flow-on-demand handling and easy dispensing


>Flexural strength- More than 100 MPa
>Linear Expansion- 2~3 %
>Sensitivity to ambient light- Homogeneous for 60s
>Depth of cure (40s)- 5mm
>Radiopacity- Yes


Biner LC 2g X 2 Syringes
10ea disposable tips

Shelf Life

Three years from the production date


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