Technical Data 

  • Tube Voltage: 65kV 
  • Time Exposure: 0.1~2.5s 
  • Tube Current: 2mA  
  • Rated Power: 400VA  
  • Charger Input Voltage: AC100V~240V±10%  
  • Focal Spot To Skin Distance: 110mm  
  • Radiation Leakage: <0.025mGy/h  
  • High pressure generator: 40kHz DC 
  • Focus Spot Size: 0.4mm(TOSHIBA) 
  • Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz±1% 
  • Net Weight: 2.2KG  
  • Input Voltage: 25.2V DC  
  • Dimensions: 21 cm×14.5 cm×14cm (L×W×H) 
  • Battery: 24.2V DC  


  • High frequency, Small focus, Clear image. 
  • Chargeable battery, 200 times on a single charge, long lasting use. 
  • Easy control, multiple use.  
  • Double lead layer to protect users from x-ray.  
  • Available for adult, children or people who cannot move in dental clinic, rescue use, army and remote areas, etc. 



  1. Clear image

This portable dental x-ray equipment uses the greatest Toshiba x-ray tube, which has a voltage and current of 65Kv, 2mA, which can create more power to pass through teeth and produce an incredibly clear image. 

The J-focus smart’s spot size is 0.4mm, which will significantly increase the amount of x-ray focus on the target teeth and produce superior images for the film or sensor. 

  1. Safer use

Our top priority is the user’s safety, thus J-smart includes two lead layers to keep the x-ray inside the circuit and only emerges to take the image, never leaking in any other direction. 


Doctors will benefit most from high frequency DC of 65Kv, 2mA, which guarantees a clear image and reliable output. 



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