• Five Modalities for Pain Relief, Muscle Training, Facial Palsy & Incontinence Treatment In one Unit 
  • Full Digital Press Buttons Control 
  • Large Backlit LCD   
  • Quick Selection of Modalities and Modes 
  • Treatment Time Countdown 
  • Adjustable Beep Sound  
  • Lock Facility  
  • Patient Compliance Meter  
  • Precise Intensity Control in 60 or 99 steps   


  • Channel: Dual Channel
  • Size: 215 grams with battery
  • Power: One 9V Battery or AC Power
  • Modality: TENS, EMS, IF, Pelvic & Facial Stimulation
  • Weight: L=135mm W=69mm H=32mm
  • Mode:
    TENS: B, N, M,S1, S2, P(P01-P12) 5 adjustable modes, 12 presets
    EMS: C,S,A,P(P01-P12), 3 adjustable modes, 12 presets
    IF: C, 1/1,6/6,10/10,SW1,SW2,R,P(P01-P06), 7 adjustable modes,6 presets
    Facial: P(P01-06) 6 presets  

Pelvic: P(P01-06) 6 presets


  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-100mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel, 99 steps of intensity control
  • Voltage: 0-50V(Load: 500ohm)
  • Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-phasic Square Pulse  
  • Timer: Adjustable, 1-60 minutes and C(Continuous)
  • Pulse Rate: Adjustable, 2-150 Hz, 1Hz/step
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable, 50-400 microseconds, 10 µs/step
  • On Time: Adjustable, 2-90 seconds, 1 sec./step
  • Off Time: Adjustable 0-90 seconds, 1 sec./step
  • Ramp Time: Adjustable, 1-8 seconds, 1 sec./step


  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-60mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel, 60 steps of intensity control.
  • Modulating Frequency: 4004-4160Hz, Adjustable (CH2)
  • Carrier Frequency: 4000Hz fixed (CH1)
  • Voltage: 0-30V(Load: 500ohm)
  • IF Frequency Modes: Constant Mode: Constant stimulation, 4-160bps, Adjustable Frequency Shift: Seven modes C, 1/1 abrupt shift, 6/6           abrupt shift, 6/6    ramped, 10/10 abrupt shift, 10/10 ramped & R(Repeat) bps can be adjusted.
  • Sweep Time: 15 seconds
  • Auto Sweep: 4-45 bps, 80-145 bps & 4-SET bps
  • Frequency Shift Percent: Frequency shifts from 30% below the set frequency to 60% above and then return to 30% below the set frequency.   
  • Wave form: Symmetrical balanced Sine wave.
  • Output Configuration: Quad polar (4 electrodes)  
  • Interference Pulse Freq: 4-160 bps, Adjustable, 4 bps/step
  • Pulse Duration: 125µs maximum
  • Timer: Adjustable, 1-30 minutes 

Facial & Pelvic 

  • Voltage: 0-30V(Load: 500ohm)
  • Pulse Amplitude: Adjustable, 0-60mA peak (Load: 500ohm), 60 steps of intensity control
  • Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-phasic Square Pulse
  • Programs: 6 Facial Stimulation Preset Programs, 6 Pelvic Stimulation Preset Programs The programs are not adjustable. Timer of the      above two modes are fixed.

Delivery Time 

3 To 4 Working Days 


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Combo Stimulator Ultra 9000