Eighteeth innovative product of the year: intraoral RVG X-Ray sensor- NanoPix is on call!


1. the most economical X-Ray sensor ever
2. the thinnest X-Ray sensor ever
3. the first time to bring leading technologies to dentistry
4. the complete image solution from perfect combination of DR Pad & its base

Image quality and sturdiness of the wire are two crucial factors in selecting an intra-oral X-Ray sensor.

Eighteeth NanoPix utilizes APS CMOS technology from aerospace industry which enables high signal-to-noise ratio with maximum details.

It additionally ensures long life and low power consumption by the sensor.

NanoPix has also passed 70,000+ wire bending tests- so that you can focus more on getting the perfect shot and not on the wear-and-tear of the wire.

Warranty :

(except physical damage) on sensor With 2 Years warranty

NanoPix- Intraoral X-ray sensor

What makes NanoPix the best intraoral sensor out there?
The thinnest X-Ray sensor ever- 4.4mm
1/10th cost per patient compared to film
3s to complete image processing
50,000+ exposures with no quality loss
70,000+ bending tests passed
Automatic Exposure Detection
APS CMOS technology for high signal-to-noise ratio
User friendly 4 step software
True resolution of 20 lp/mm
AD conversion- 16 bit
IP68- highest water and dust protection rating
Tablet with pre-loaded software


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Round-the-clock delivery 30$
Transportation by plane 105$
Transportation by traine 35$
Transportation by ship 90$
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NanoPix Intraoral X-ray sensor