1) Anticoagulants: CPDA-1; SAGM 

2) Single: 100ml – 500ml 

3) Double: 100ml – 500ml 

4) Triple: 100ml – 500ml 

5) Quadruple: 100ml – 500ml 

6) Single package OPP compound film bag, in lightproof aluminum foil 

  1. Blood bag types available: CPDA -1 / CPD / SAGM.
  2. With Sampling bag and Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Holder.
  3. Blood bag with leukoreduction filter.
  4. High quality film suitable for extended storage of viable platelets for approximately 5 days.
  5. With Safety Needle Shield.
  6. Transfer empty bag is also available from 150ml to 2000ml for separating blood components from whole blood.


Single: 100ml – 500ml
Double 100ml – 500ml
Triple 100ml – 500ml
Quadruple 100ml – 500ml

Snap-tip mechanism A straightforward bend of the connection tube in quadruple bags enables the transfer of blood components into built-in satellite bags.


All bags are individually packed and sealed. Each bag remains sterile even despite of the outer aluminum foil package or plastic package.
45—80 units of blood bag be packaged in a master carton
3–5 units of blood bags be packaged in an aluminum pouch.


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Disposable PVC Blood Bag