• eSteth Classic Stethoscope Dual Head, Cardiac Quality with Stainless Steel Finish and Non-Chill Ring 32 Inches. 
  • The ultra-sensitive, dual-head, chest piece allows for greater sound amplification of high and low frequencies, enabling a clear acoustic performance.  
  • Its stainless-steel finish allows for rugged and durable experiences, and the option 4 alternative colors to choose from.  
  • eSteth CLASSIC Stethoscope is a lightweight durable stethoscope that is built to last and over-perform with all patients. eSteth CLASSIC has 32-inch PVC tubing that allows for easy movement and flexibility when dealing with any patient. 
  • From Medical School to General Practice, the eSteth CLASSICS’ durability, reliability, and clear amplification of sound are why many doctors trust it as their choice for an everyday stethoscope.  
  • The eSteth CLASSIC Stethoscope also comes with two non-chill rings for patient comfort and an additional ear tip set for practitioner peace of mind. 
  • STAINLESS-STEEL finish, built for durable, everyday practical use with a 5-YEAR WARRANTY 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT stethoscope with a 32-INCH length for ease of flexibility and movement  
  • ULTRA- SENSITIVE DUAL HEAD chest piece built for greater AMPLIFICATION of heart and lung frequencies for CLEAR ACOUSTIC performance  
  • ADDITIONAL: 1 EAR TIP SET for practitioner peace of mind, and 1 EXTRA NON-CHILL RING 
  • eSteth CLASSIC Stethoscope is available in four different varieties of colors 
  • Color: Black, Red, Navy, Purple 
  • Weight: 0.599 kg 




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eSteth Dual Head Stethoscopes

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