Excellent adhesion to both tooth and metal.
Biocompatibility and a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
Good mixing properties results in a smooth creamy mix with good flow.
Film thickness of just 15 microns makes complete seating of crowns easy.
Extended working time with sharp set.
Long term fluoride release.
Many years of documented clinical success.


Final cementation of metal or porcelain fused to metal crowns & bridges.
Cementation of stainless steel crowns and orthodontic bands.
Lining under restorative materials.


Mix to the correct powder:liquid ratio
(20 seconds for Gold Label 1)
Apply the mixed cement to both restoration and prepared tooth
Seat the restoration within 30 seconds of completing the mix
Remove the excess cement during the gel stage
Total setting time is 4?30? after start of mix
After final set, moisture proof the margin by applying a final coat of GC Fuji Varnish or GC Fuji Coat LC


Gold Label Luting & Lining 1-1 (15g Powder, 10g Liquid).
Gold Label 1 15g Powder.
G0ld Label 1 10g Liquid.


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