Each 1.8 ml Dental Cartridge contains: Lignocaine HCI (B.P) 02% With Epinephrine (B P) (1:100,000).

(Product Compiles: B P Specs.)


Cartridge filled with colorless and transparent liquid.


H-D Caine Plus inj. is a local anesthetic solution for use in the dental infiltration anesthesia and the dental conduction anesthesia,

Dosage & Administration:

Conduction anesthesia, Infiltration anesthesia: Dose is 6 to 40mg (0.3mL to 2.0 mL) of lidocaine hydrochloride. Oral surgery anesthesia: Dose is 60 to 100mg (3mL to 5mL) of lidocaine hydrochloride.


  1. This drug is contra-indication to the following patients
  • (epidural) patients with shock or very severe bleeding
  • (epidural) patients with sepsis in the region of the proposed injection
  • (epidural) patients with inflammation
  • patients with hypersensitivity to this drug and other local aesthetics of the amide type
  • patients with hypersensitivity to vasopressor
  • patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cardiac Failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, vascular tract
  1. This drug should be administered with great cautions to the following patients.
  • (epidural) patients with CNS diseases (e.g., meningitis, polioencephalomyelitis)
  • (epidural) pregnancy
  • (epidural) the old Patients
  • (epidural) patients with remarkable transformation of vertebrae
  • patients with pre-existing inhalation anesthetic of halogen like a halothane
  • patients with pre-existing antimelancholy or IVIAO inhibition


  1. Side effects

1) Shock: As shock may occur, cautious monitoring is required, and if labile blood pressure, turning pale, abnormal pulse, abnormal respiratory, etc. occur. Further administration should be discontinued and treated

2) Malignant hyperthermia (except surface anesthesia). Serious malignant hyperthermia, that goes with unknown tachycardia, arrhythmia labile blood pressure, abnormal temperature rise, muscle rigidity, cyanosis, hyperventilation, diaphoresis, acidosis, myoglobinuria, etc.- may occur rarely, during administration of this drug, if any other administration should be discontinued and treated through sodium dantrolene I.V. Inj., general hypothermia, hyperventilation of oxygen, the connection of acid-base equivalence, etc. Also, renal failure can be occurred by this symptom, therefore must take maintenance of urinary output with other treatments.

3) CNS As severe symptoms such as tremors. a convulsion may occur, and cautious monitoring is required, If any symptoms occur, the administration should be discontinued at once and it should be treated with administration of immediate effective barbituric acid (sodium thiopental),

2) As rarely drowsiness, uneasiness, excitement, disregard, dizziness, vomiturition, etc., may occur, cautious monitoring is required, caution about translation to shock or severe symptoms is required and if necessary, it should be treated.

  1. Hypersensitivity: Skin disease and dropsical swelling may occur.

4) General precautions

1) As rare shock or severe symptoms may occur, local anesthetics should be used after ensuring the immediate first-aid treatment.

2) There is no way to escape a possible adverse reaction completely in administration, so it need be managed the following articles for adverse shock as much as possible.

  • to observe all conditions of patients perfectly
  • to use the diluted concentration as much as possible
  • to use the minimal dosage as much as possible
  • (Infiltration, conduction) to administer the minimum in case of injection in the blood vessel region (head, facet tonsil, etc.)
  • (Infiltration, conduction) to confirm that the needle doesn’t inject into the vessel
  • (epidural) to confirm that the needle doesn’t into a vessel or subarachnoid cavity
  • (Infiltration, conduction, epidural) to injection as slow as possible
  • (epidural) in case that shock or very severe symptoms occur, it may be describable to decide vein previously to be treated rapidly.
  • (surface) When using surface anesthesia in the respiratory tract, the absorption is very fast, therefore minimal dosage should be used as much as possible.
  1. Use in pregnancy

Safety For use in pregnancy has not been established, therefore use of this drug requires that the anticipated weighed against the possible hazards.

  1. Use in the old patients
  • As sensitivity about epinephrine of this drug may be severe, monitoring the conditions of patient and cautious administration is required.
  • (epidural) Generally, as anesthesia range widens easily in the old, administer attentively to dosage.
  • Precautions on application
  • (surface) This drug should not be used for ophthalmology.


Store in colorless. air-tight container at dark place


2 years



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