ULTRA 30HF ECotron innovative mobile x ray system.

Features ULTRA 30HF (110kV/100mA)5KW

Most compact size and lightest weight.
Provide high resolution imaging at lower dosages.
Large focus(1.8mm) / Small(0.6mm) focus change.
Design for Reliability.
Two operation consoles (Main operation console, Header operation console)
Soft Touch Controls with Digital displays.
Calibrated cassette size indicator dials
Wide range of anatomical programs
Cost effective.
Two stage dynamic, Auto line compensation.
CR/DR Compatible
High frequency


Output Power: 5kW

Input Power:

Voltage: 200V-264V
Phase & Frequency: Single 50 / 60 Hz

Large focus:

kV Range: 40~120kV/1kV step
mA Range: 20~100mA
mAs Range: 0.4~200mAs

Small focus:

kV Range 40~120kV/1kV step
mA Range 6~18mA/1mA step
mAs Range 0.4~50mAs


KV /mAs/Sec : 7-segment LED type

X-ray tube:

Focal Spot: 1.8mmx1.8mm
Target Angle: 15 degree
AnodeHeat torage: 30000J


Min X-ray Field Size: 占쏙옙5cm x 5cm @1m SID
Max X-ray Field Size: 40cm x 40cm @ 75cm SID
Laser Pointer: Class : 占쏙옙A 5mW
Timer: Push button illuminator with 30 sec timer
Lamp: 24V 50W Halogen

Made In : Korea


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