We provide liquid Medical Nitrous Oxide containers (Portable Cryogenic Containers) in a range of sizes as well as high-pressure gas cylinders of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) for use in small, medium, and large hospitals.

For medical nitrous oxide, we offer cylinders in the following sizes:

  •   Nitrous oxide N2O    Production     Impurities

Technical Specification: 

  • Cylinder pressure full (bar): 80 – 80 – 80 
  • Nitrous oxide N2O Cylinders: 5L water capacity – 10L water capacity – 47L water capacity 
  • Valve Operation: Pin index – Wheel type – Wheel type 
  • Gas capacity in Liters: 1,620 – 3,240 – 16,200 


Nitrous oxide N2O Uses: 

  • In the relief of severe pain, usually in emergency situations, by inhalation with 50% oxygen.  
  • When an inhalation anesthetic is required, the administration of nitrous oxide is usually accompanied by the simultaneous administration of a volatile agent such as halothane, ethrane, etc. 
  • In dental work to provide short-term analgesia for tooth extraction and other brief procedures, administered with 50% oxygen.  
  • In short-term procedures which inevitably involve pain, such as wound and burn to dress, wound debridement, and suturing. Administrated usually with 50% oxygen. 
  • Occasionally as an insufflating agent in laparoscopy. In cryosurgery as a refrigerant  





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