The OmniCup is the most versatile of the Kiwi vacuums. Its flexible shaft and low profile shell allow it to be placed at the flexion point of the baby’s head regardless of the position of the fetus’ head. 

This is important to realign the head so that the smallest diameter of the fetal head is presented to the birth canal. Proper placement and pelvic axial traction of the OmniCup can correct fetal head malposition. Omni-MT (listed here) has all the same great features as OmniCup, with the addition of a drawbar indicator. Its flexible shaft and low-profile shell allow it to be placed along the sagittal suture at his 3 cm anterior flexion point of the posterior fontanelle. The traction force indicator measures the force applied during traction. This allows the operator to associate the tactile sensation of pulling force with a visual scale. This helps reduce “pop-offs” and is especially valuable for training purposes. 

Kiwi Complete Vacuum Delivery System 

  • Low Cup Profile for ease of insertion 
  • Traction Force Indicator measures the force exerted during traction 
  • Disposable for convenience and safety  
  • A flexible Stem enables the cup to be placed over the flexion point no matter the position of the fetal head 


With the addition of the Traction Force Indicator, the Omni-MT has all the same fantastic features as the OmniCup. The purpose of the traction force indicator is to gauge the force used during traction. This helps to reduce “pop-offs” and is particularly useful during training because it enables the operator to match the tactile sensation of traction force with a visual scale. 


The ProCup provides an expandable, flexible cup that conforms to the foetal head. If you prefer a hard stem over a flexible stem and want to employ a vacuum specifically for low occiput anterior and outlet presentations, this is the vacuum for you. 


Omni-C was developed specifically for the tight abdominal cavity of cesarean deliveries. Its use results in less bleeding, fewer uterine incision extensions, and fewer cervical lacerations. 1 The Omni-C is the first vacuum created exclusively for use during C-sections thanks to its even thinner cup profile, finger grooves, and baffle filter on the interior. 





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