Orthodontic Dental Type (Bracket Prescription/Technique) :
a. Advanced Series – MBT 0.022
b. Premium Elite Series – Roth 0.022
c. Advanced Series – Roth 0.022


– Single Piece MIM Bracket (Metal Injection Moulding)
– Certification: CE ISO
– Slot Size: 0.022


– Two Piece Laser Mesh Bracket
– Slot Size: 0.022
– Certification: CE ISO
– With 3,4,5 Hooks

Application: Orthodontics


KEY FEATURES For Advanced Series

• HIGHEST PRECISION BRACKETS: Latest technology of high-speed machining combined with the MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) Process has maximized the precision of brackets and given an excellent surface finish.
• BEST LIGATURE ACCOMMODATION AND COMFORT: Bracket base format is fully adapted to the dental anatomy. Low profile, hooks, and rounded edges for patient comfort.
• EASY IDENTIFICATION: Permanent markings on the tie-wings make them easy to identify.

• THE JUST PERFECT DESIGN: The design of the twin fins allows better accommodation and retention of the elastic bandages, in addition to rotational control and less friction due to slots with beveled outer edges.

KEY FEATURES – Premium Elite Series

Premium Elite has become The Most Accurate Bracket in the European Market!
• Manufactured from 17/4 steel
• 80-micron-spacing mesh
• Accurate angling and torqueing
• Low profile providing greater comfort
• Innovative laser welding process
• Anatomical design
• Midline identification (long axis)
• Odontogram laser marking on its base






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