The Penlon Prima 465 is the latest high-end anesthetic machine from Penlon, providing the ideal solution for today’s busy operating room. 

  • Electronic gas mixer with the electronic anti-hypoxic device and digital flowmeters 
  • Improved 12.1” touchscreen user interface 
  • Multiple anesthetic gas monitoring options 
  • Eight ventilation modes  
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric, and neonates 

All the features and options you need to configure a system to your exact requirements. 

  • 12.1” TFT touchscreen display with intuitive user interface, electronic gas mixer and digital flowmeters 
  • Eight ventilation modes 
  • Versatile top shelf with secure GCX™ mounting system for patient monitors 
  • Electrical outlet options 
  • Selectatec® compatible back bar (two stations) 
  • Large-capacity drawer units  
  • Up to three cylinders 
  • Illuminated workspace with pull-out writing surface  
  • GCX™ compatible aluminum uprights for additional accessory mounting 
  • Integrated CO₂ absorber and bellows unit with ventilator interface 
  • Backlit Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) 
  • Oxygen therapy flowmeter 



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Measurement system Oscillometric method
Indication Digital display
Measurement range Pressure: 0~280mmHg Pulse: 40~180pulse/min
Accuracy Pressure: ±3mmHg Pulse: ±5% of reading
Power source AA size×4
Battery life Manganese battery: Approx. 300 times Alkaline battery: Approx. 1000 times
Outside dimensions W129×H55×D119mm
Weight Unit: Approx. 240g (without batteries) Cuff: Approx. 130g

You can pay as you are comfortable

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Round-the-clock delivery 30$
Transportation by plane 105$
Transportation by traine 35$
Transportation by ship 90$
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