Instructions for use

The indoor atomization and anti-bacterial machine (atomization machine) connected to a 220V power supply, open the warm-up for 3 minutes, to be the handle button light, said atomization machine can work.

Handle operation: press the handle to the button, and the atomization machine works; release the handle button, atomization machine stops working.

Indoor atomization and antimicrobial (atomization machine) The use of non-steam dry smoke to disinfect the ingredients in the car has a smell of the part. Which play a decomposition of odor, and sterilization deodorant effect. And with a scent to purify the air.

Automatically smoke, the bike purifies the smoke for 5-8 minutes and then opens the car within 10 minutes after the smoke adsorption is completed, and then opens the door to feel the healthy and fresh air.

Spraying Antibacterial Disinfection Machine Steps

Step 1 : start the car, the car is inside the cycle, the wind speed is 3 files, and the cold air is opened. Power the machine into the front passenger seat row and open the red switch button on the back of the machine.

Step 2: Wait for 3 minutes for preheating, wait until the handle light is on. Then press the timer switch (4 ml to 100 ml of potion. Please set 4 or more below 80 ml.)

Step3: atomization for about 3 to 5 minutes, the liquid medicine is sprayed off the machine, taken out of the machine, continue the inner circulation for about 15 minutes, and let it fully absorb. The fourth step: ventilate, cycle outside for 3 minutes, the entire construction is completed, check the switch off, and deliver.

Disinfection fog machine for Mosquitoes.
Suitable for disinfection and purification of air in automobiles and indoor households
Power Consumption 900W Voltage AC 110-240V
Smoke Output: 18000cu. Ft/min Timed Quantification. Intelligent control of liquid usage and time by a knob.
Spray Distance 3~5 m.  It has power protection n a switch when out of smoke oil, it can help to protect machine’s using life.

Cleaning function

Connect the machine to the power supply, press the black switch to the left cleaning position, turn the timing knob to about 2 steps, and rinse the machine pipe with clean water or clean tap water.

After the machine is finished, it is best to use a clear water spray. Keep the machine piping clean and unobstructed to prevent blockages from affecting machine operation.


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