130R oximeter 4 parameters: SPO2, PR, PI, RR
131R oximeter 4 parameters: SPO2, PR, PI, ODI4 (oxygen desaturation index 4%)
1) Two-color 0.96-inch OLED display, 5 levels of brightness adjustable
2) Have blood oxygen, pulse, bar graph, pulse waveform display,
and PI perfusion monitoring
3) Battery low battery indication
4) The interface can have six different display modes
5)130R increases RR respiratory rate function
6) When there is no signal, the product will automatically shut down
after 8S, saving power
7) Operation menu for function setting
8) 131R adds sleep monitoring and is recorded as a waveform function.
Record up to 8 hours of waveform data!
9) Small size, light weight, easy to carry out

Power Requirement

2 x AAA 1.5V

Made In : China


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