Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP mobile X-ray. The product offers dual power sources for radiation delivery and offers the option of running the device on battery or standard AC power.

The MOBILETT Plus HP is easy to transfer to any area thanks to its small size, light weight, and battery assisted motor-drive. Fast and simple placement is made possible by the Siemens unique turnplate and long-reaching, cable-free, counterbalanced swivel arm. The MOBILETT Plus HP also provides high radiography output, allowing for quick exposure periods to minimize motion artefacts.


  • all digital controls
  • x-ray output 40-133 Kv, 0.5 – 280 MaS
  • x-ray head rotates, swivels and angles
  • fully adjustable collimating
  • can be used in ICU, Coronary care, neonatal (short exposure times 1ms), burn, surgery, paediatrics, ER
  • operates from either built in rechargeable batteries or while plugged into wall power
  • Battery charge level display
  • maximum output is 20 kW at 102 Kv, 100 MS
  • Overview picture from operators’ panels
  • built in battery charge meter
  • Manufacturers plates
  • Suggested exposure values
  • Weight is about 640 pounds
  • Various Kv MaS settings



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