Compare to Protaper Gold*,**

Heat Treated Rotary File System with Gold Standard

Increased Resistance to Cyclical Fatigue

Amaizing Flexibility

Variable Taper File System

Shaping Files

V0 | White | Apical Diameter 0.19 mm | .04 Taper

V1 | Pink | Apical Diameter 0.18 mm | .02 Taper

V2 | Grey | Apical Diameter 0.20 mm | .04 Taper

Finishing Files

T1 | Yellow | Apical Diameter 0.20 mm | .07 Taper

T2 | Red | Apical Diameter 0.25 mm | .08 Taper

T3 | Blue | Apical Diameter 0.30 mm | .09 Taper


V0 , V1 | 5 N-cm

V2,T1 | 1.5 N-cm

T1,T3 | 3 N-cm

Rotary Speed

300 RPM


≤ 126°C

ISO Certified, FDA and CE Approved File System

*Protaper Gold is a not a Trademark of Premier Health Care

**Protaper Gold is a Trademark of Dentsply Sirona

V0 (Oriface Opener) 19 mm,
Assorted (V0-T3) 21 mm,
V1 (1st Shaping File) 21 mm,
V2 (2nd Shaping File) 21 mm,
T1 (1st Finishing File) 21 mm,
Assorted (V0-T3) 25 mm,
V1 (1st Shaping File) 25 mm,
V2 (2nd Shaping File) 25 mm,
T1 (1st Finishing File) 25 mm


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