Compressor Nebulizer Machine Features 

For the effective treatment of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases and disorders, this medication was created in collaboration with respiratory therapists. The nebulizer receives air pushed via the tube by the compressor. The nebulizer transforms the recommended medication into a mist of minute droplets when air enters, making it simple to breathe.

• Storage space for nebulization kit
• asthma and respiratory diseases
• Compressed air nebulization
• Quick effective treatment
• For treatment of upper and lower airways, colds,
• Optimal respirable dose delivery
• Durable quality product
• Angled-mouth piece
• Power cord with fuse
• Support for wide voltage input


• Medical product

  • Medium concentration
  • Non-toxic PVC
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Available Size: Kid (M), Adult (XL)
  • Non-Autoclavable
  • Tube Length: Standard Size
  • Available size: adult, child, pediatric
  • Kit includes: Mask, Tube , Jar
  • Package Include 2 Kits (1 for Kid and 1 for Adult)


  • 2 Year





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