Autoclave Feature 

  • With precise control, the temperature can be controlled within ± 0.5 during sterilizing 
  • Microcomputer control system for automatic check; imported Motorola sensor for precise control  
  • Friendly operation interface, simply and easy 
  • B&D test, vacuum test, convenient for machine behave test 
  • The dry time is adjustable according to your will  
  • Automatically record of the time of sterilization beginning &end. Clean the inner pipe automatically for avoiding jam after every 100 times of cycles. 
  • Omron button, work well for 100 thousand 
  • With a LCD display you can see the date and curve of sterilization process clearly 
  • The machine is dual-purpose, not only for instruments, but also for cotton, on dry condition  
  • Adjustable date time & language mode according to your will 
  • Opened reservoir, convenient for cleaning, avoiding chloramphenicol alive  
  • Adopt imported silicon tube, high pressure and high temperature resistant 
  • Alarmed automatically when the storage tank is empty, and the water tank is full so that you don’t need to worry for this problem 
  • Water quality sensor can test the quality of distilled water, reduce the failure rate 
  • One-piece chamber is made of imported 304 stainless steels  
  • Safety valve ensure the chamber can release the pressure safely at emergency 
  • Double doors locking-system, mechanical lock with electrical lock, the machine can’t open until the pressure turn 0 
  • Multi-safety protection system, which can ensure the safety of the operator 
  • Air-conditional heat removal system, prevent the machine from over-heating 
  • Adopt the ABS plastic, whole model produce 
  • Imported two-head vacuum pump with leather cup, vacuum more completely 
  • Imported Italy water pump  
  • The machine plane can adjust by adjustable pad, provide a gradience for free 
  • Optional printer, with a internal USB module as standard collocation to record the sterilization process 

Autoclave Prompt 

  1. Please place the sterilization on a plane place , which could adjust the height by adjusting foot pad
  2. Don’t block the heat removal system on the surface of sterilization
  3. Please adopt distilled water to extend the service life 4. Please put the instruments on the tray not touching one another allowing space for steam to pass through
  4. Please empty the used water tank frequently. Usually, it needs empty when the clean water in the reservoir is empty.
  5. Never try to open the chamber door if and when the pressure display doesn’t show “0.0”
  6. Please ensure the door handle is closed tightly
  7. Please cut off the power and cool down the auto clave before maintenance
  8. Don’t drag the machine while moving
  9. Must be provided enough power. (23L:2300VA/18L:1800VA)
  10. Power connection must be grounded properly
  11. While the outside temperature is too low, please pre-heating the machine without instruments for 30 minutes before sterilizing

Autoclave Parameters 

  • Frequency: 50/60Hz 
  • Voltage: AC 220V ±10%  
  • Max Hp: 1800VA  
  • Electric current: 10A 
  • Wire plug: GB 3 cores/EN 3 cores  
  • Physical Space: 22L/17L 
  • Class: European Class B standard 
  • Sterilizing temperature: 121℃,134℃ 
  • Special sterilization: Kill active HV, HBV, BSE and spore 
  • Display: LCD, multi-languages  
  • Dry procedure: Strong vacuum drying, the residual humidity < 0.2% 
  • Test: Bowie& Dick, Leak 
  • Safety: Safety valve, Automatic check 
  • Sterilizing record: There is a micro-printer optional, and a standard USB connector optional for sterilizing record 
  • Water supply system: Two opened Reservoirs (3.5L fresh water and 5 litre wastewater reservoirs), easy for sterilization and clean 
  • Water quality detection: Detect whether water quality meet the requirement Clean procedure: Automatic clean inside pipe and steam generator 
  • Instrument containers: 5 levels with 3 trays 
  • Net weight: 50Kg/47KG  
  • Chamber size: 249mm*450mm/249mm*355mm 


Autoclave Maintenance  

How to clean the water tank. 

  1. Please clean the autoclave water tank and wastewater tank regularly. The process is the following:
  2. Drain the water from the tanks, please see point.
  3. Open the tank cover panel, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the five screws.
  4. Lift the tank cover completely, the tank cover can be removed.
  5. Lift the lid of the water tank cover
  6. You can start cleaning the tank, you can use cotton and some alcohol or disinfectant to clean the tank wall, wash with distilled water, then empty the tank and dry. The filter net must then be removed for cleaning.
  7. After cleaning the tank, fit the cover and tighten the screws.

7.Connect the water outlet with the non-connector tube end and the other end of the drain tube to a sink. 

8.Draining water from the machine. Draining the condenser water collector and the water tank.  

9.Caution: Maintenance must be carried out after the power has been cut off and the autoclave has cooled down.  

  1. Distilled water should be used. Instruments placed in the chamber must be cleaned.
  2. Then turn the drain knob to drain the water from the machine.

As for some instruments with oil or impurities, we request that they be packed with the sterilization bag. 

Autoclave Function  

8.1 To enter the config mode: Press. STEP for 20s when not working. 

Time: Ld Pressure 1 setting function mode. 

8.2 Function setting with 7 options, press SELECT key, you can select 1-7-1 in cycle screen. 

The 7 options are displayed as follows: 

Option 1: year, shows “yer” press STEP or the increment button, press DRY 

or the decrease key, select a numeric value. 

Option 2: month, displays “nth” press STEP or the Increment button, press DRY 

or the decrease key, select a numeric value. 

Option 3: day, displays “day” press STEP or the increment button, press DRY 

or the decrease key, select a numeric value. 

Option 4: hour, show “hour” press STEP or the increment button, press DRY 

or the decrease key, select a numeric value. 

Option 5: minute, displays “nin” press STEP or the increment button, press DRY 

or the decrease key, select a numeric value. 

Option 6: Print, display “Pvt”, press STEP key, choose cycle between on and 

off, with or without printing. 

Option 7 Exit, display “Eit”, please press START / STOP to save and exit setup. 

Option 8: Modification of the sterilization time, displays “S-T” when setting this option, the sterilization time (SP) increases to the original range. 

Adjustable ranges come in three different varieties. The duration of the first increases by 1 minute, the second by 2 minutes, and the third by 3 minutes. 

Option 9: Automatic modification of temperature data, display “DP”, By setting this option you can adjust the temperature more or less than 2C-3C in order to satisfy your request. However, the configuration is suggested under the recommendation of a technician. 

After installation, pressing the SELECT key will take you back to choose 1. You must now select option 7 and hold down the STEP key for three seconds. You can start option 8 setting after that. If not, the cycle can only begin between options 1 and 7. 

Caution: If any function setting is changed by pressing the key unintentionally, please turn the device off and on again. Configuration will be exited. In this case, the function will not be affected by it. 

Autoclave Problem Resolution 

There are sounds during ventilation or drying. This means that the condensation collector is full. You must drain the water from the collector. 

  1. Hissing of the chamber door. (The solution to this problem is in the door settings section)

3.During the cycle you hear heavy steam knocks and leaks from the chamber door, the error code shows E6. 

Please check if the door knob is properly closed. If there are steam leaks at the beginning of the cycle, it is necessary to change the seal according to the instructions on page 18. 

4.When the cycle ends, there are drops of water on the instruments. 

You can correct the problem: 

1). Please check the drain filter.  

2). Reduce the load of the instruments in the chamber. 

3). You can wait a while at the end of the Ed cycle for a better drying result. 

      The autoclave will continue to heat the chamber until the door is opened. 


Important information 

1.The autoclave must be installed level. 

2.When operating at a height greater than 500 meters, the machine must be reprogrammed.  

  1. Radiation openings on the machine must not be blocked or covered.
  2. Distilled water should be used to extend the life of the machine.

5.The instruments should be placed on the tray leaving space between them allowing the steam to pass through.  

6.The condensate collector must be emptied from time to time. It should be emptied when filling the water tank. (The drainage of the collector can be followed according to point 9.2)  

  1. Never try to open the chamber door before pressure shows. “0.0” .
  2. The tank door handle should be turned to its locked position.

9.To avoid burns, turn off the machine and allow it to cool down before replacing the seal.  

  1. The power supply must be properly grounded.
  2. Do not move the machine when it is in motion.
  3. Sufficient power must be provided. (1800VA)

13.When the outside temperature is lower, please heat the machine without the instruments for 30 minutes before sterilizing. 




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